Monday, September 14, 2009

Opshop finds cure blogger withdrawals

I've been having blogger withdrawals! I was a bit ill & didn't post (I had an ear infection and had fainting spells lol) and then my internet stopped working temporarily, which created all kinds of inconvenience on the do-my-work-at-home front (before my work's major event of the year), BUT here I am now, all safe & sound in blogger-land :).

First up for your viewing entertainment are my recent opshop finds: 

And the Golden Hands series didn't come with the rabbit. She just claimed them as her own. Perhaps feeling a little crafty?


  1. You have Golden hands? I used to have the series. I don't anymore. And i want the hat pattern with the flower that was in the first volume i think. I had quite a few favorites, really. Have fun.

  2. These finds are prescious. Love the top picture. The rabbit with eggs is original too. What great finds.