Thursday, October 22, 2009

POW camp tour

On the weekend, myself and neighbour Theo went on an annual bus trip to and tour of the site of a local WW2  P.O.W camp, hosted by the local museum and historical society. It was a nice, historical, weird communal experience, with the bus trip in particular making me feel like I was back in high school again. Anyone else have nightmares about that? hehehe ;)

Here we all are.....

And here's Theo next to some wall of something....

Here I am on the steps of a recreation area

And here's some barbed wire and things...

 The remains of some gardens...

Some wall and what's left of the jail cells.

 And home again, home again jiggity jig.

There were all sorts of people there and one Japanese lady writing a book, and a German man who was somehow associated with it. We were told many little personal stories along with the history of the place and just the explanations of what we were looking at. It was well worth the trip and I would go again :)

Theo and I then followed it up with an equally historical trip to the local cemetery to admire the graves and find all our respective relations' graves we hadn't seen yet.

Melbourne Day by Phone

My day began with pleasant comforting misty views through the train windows in the morning, and a choc drizzled waffle indulged in for morning tea ;).

I continued with more pleasant views from the met train, if that can be believed ;) on the way back from my appointment, many hours spent waiting around in the train station, including an entire hour spent facing a wall-sized television screen featuring nothing but an advertisement for an airline.

Then, "*tap tap*, there's no place like home.... dang, it didn't work!". Looks like it's back to boarding a sunny train and home by public transport after all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Here are some of my favourite plants: my geraniums! I especially love my scented ones & am always looking for them at markets & nurseries & in people's front yards lol ;)

This one is a lemon-scented geranium. It was only planted last year & has grown heaps.

This one came from a market & was
labelled as a clove-scented geranium.
It does have a weird spicy smell.

This one came from a local nursery & the tag calls it 'Westray'. It has a strange herb-y smell, almost like fresh coriander. I love the pinky-purple coloured flowers :)

This one came from a cutting from my dad's garden. It is a peppermint scented geranium & the leaves are big and velvety-furry.

Here's the host blog here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Other Random Whroo Highlights

Past-Burning Party or Not A Divorce-Party

This might seem a little weird but on Saturday I had what I like to call a Past-Burning party. I am almost officially divorced (the court hearing is today, next month it becomes final) and I wanted to hold some sort of ceremony to mark it.

When you get married, people come and celebrate it. When your partner dies, you have another ceremony and stick it in the paper, and people around you can support you. When you get divorced, it's as big an event as the wedding, it's as big a loss as a death, but nothing really happens for the outside world to see what's going on, or to mark it in any way.

I have heard of divorce parties, but I didn't want that exactly. I also didn't want people to think that I'm celebrating the actual divorce or real bitter over it or anything. As far as I'm concerned, it's in the past and I might still be getting over the side effects you could say (medication and all :) ). And I also wanted to burn a bunch of photos and personal items. Both for it's symbolic and cathartic kind of burning and going up in smoke and so all those photos aren't living on in my imagination, strewn all over the tip!

I only wanted to invite certain people there & not a lot of people ended up being able to make it, some people I forgot to invite, (sorry if you're one of them haha). But, like a wedding, at least I could tell a bunch of people what was happening :). Everyone thought burning items was fun, once they got over the idea of it, I think :)