Friday, April 30, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 13

Today we actually left the cabin before lunchtime. We even set the alarm (shock, horror). We mainly wanted to see Tarra Bulga National Park before our honeymoon ended, but ended up looking at everything along the way, too. The best way to do things:) 

And here's a gratuitous shot of the moon over the water, last night from our deck :) 

A wind farm on the way, but you couldn't go right up to the base of the turbines, like the ones in Perth.

And here's a photo of my hunny at Tarra Falls, just cos he's gorgeous ;)

And just us and some scenery as well. The sign is the same one I have a photo of at home somewhere, with my mum and dad and us kids in front of it, like, 20 years ago ;)

There'd been a lot of wind and the bark normally comes off these trees in great strips anyway, and now it was all over the road as well. It looked good and then Theo had fun.

More bark antics.

And there is actually a lyrebird at the end of this track (blob in middle :)). We saw a couple, and even a male one doing his little dance while he was singing, but it wasn't easy to photograph lol.

A steaming vegetation patch and a steaming sign. Don't know.

Suspension bridge :)

(n.b. the people at the caravan park where we ate lunch were really friendly and so was their cockatoo)

Next was Port Albert, with nice fish and chips by the pier.

And this strange beautiful house?? at Welshpool :) I just wanted to go in the thing ;) Excuse the wheely bin lol

And here's Agnes Falls

And then we went home :) 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

wedding been and gone

We don't have any of our own photos yet (being still on our honeymoon and all) but here's a link to the photos our photographer put up :)

Perth via camera phone

Yay! I've unearthed more evidence that I was actually alive between January and April. Theo & I went to Perth for a wedding of a good mate of his. I forgot the camera, but we were rescued by the three phone cameras between us. I've never been to Perth before (Theo lived there for 3 years), and I was very excited. His mate was from over here originally. 

We went to the botanical gardens and I saw the first Coolibah tree I ever saw. Much excitement and singing of Waltzing Matilda ensued.

We were staying at Theo's old boss's house, with his family. By the end of the week, I felt like we were related to them lol. On a particularly memorable Saturday morning, we drove for an hour and a half up to Northam where Theo and I took turns flying with Wayne (the boss) in his ultralight. 

Theo did start getting his ultralight pilot's licence while he lived over there. This has got him enthused again. I won't object:) 

We went 4 hours south of Perth, to Albany for a night because the boss and his wife were going down there for a week for work. Theo and I went to the old whaling station which they've now turned into a museum. It was really interesting.

I'm standing next to the skeleton of a Pygmy Blue Whale which was gigantic but is only two thirds the size of a normal Blue Whale. Their veins are big enough for a child to crawl into.

And here's a big jawbone around the doorway :) 

They had one of the original whaling boats set up so that you can walk all through it. Here's the kitchen and someone's old cabin.

We went to this blowhole that wasn't blowing much but right next to it was this beautiful little beach that you had to get to via this strange scary plank walk thing. I would not have done that by myself lol. It was a lovely beach :)

And this bizarre thing is not a wave but is some strange fungi thing growing on a rock in the sand:)

The last few months are a blur...

Between getting engaged and getting ready for the wedding, anything else that happened in between there is a bit of a blur :). The photos taken (not many, mind you:)) are proof that I was actually alive somewhere in there. But gee I'm glad we're married now. I'm not complaining:) 

Here's Jerry our new baby. We got him in January from Mark and Elise who live two doors up. 

And here he is being Christmas kitty. Yes, he was enjoying himself. 
In March, we had Oma's 90th birthday party (Theo's dad's mum) & a family reunion, at the local Bocce club. We had 250+ people there, but that was with a lot of people not making it :) The amazing cake had Australia on the bottom, with Holland on the top and the little flags are one for each of the 15 children. 

Excuse the blurriness. I think the flash mustn't have been on :) 

Here's Oma with the children that were there on the night. Two are dead and three couldn't come for some reason. 

There was a cool photo that they put in the local paper that everyone on the night appeared in. You can just see the top of Theo's head & the side of my face in it LOL. I'll unearth it one day and blog it :)

Honeymoon: Day 12

Day 12 sees us as cold and windy as the rest of this week :) Sounds like the roof is coming off at night, apparently it's gusting over 100kph :)

I have been wanting to try this cafe in Fish Creek ever since we first went past it. The food was nice, the waitress was very excited that we were on our honeymoon and even the people from another table came up to congratulate us and tell us that they had been married 38 years and that it was a good thing lol
 Another very interesting place was this home-run gemstone museum. It was one of those strange treasures you find in some out of the way place that you never see anything like again. The man who had collected all the gemstones and fossils was dead now and his son (Terry) showed us around. The dogs were friendly and the chickens loud. I tell you, it was one of the highlights of the trip:)

We then drove and walked up a mountain that I thought the car was going to slide back down again, and the rain started coming over the hills so we ran back down to the car. Went home via Foster and an interesting dirt road & here we are back home in our little cabin again :). Don't ya love it :)

p.s. Day 14, went to the Orange Roughy at Fish Creek again, the owner? Anne has got to be one of the friendliest people I ever met and has made us promise to go back there in 2 years with a newborn LOL. We were greeted at the door because she remembered us as the honeymooners, and were waved goodbye enthusiastically :) How nice :)

Honeymoon: Day 10

Today we go for a walk to a local beach which is sort of part of the Prom. It is so cold and windy today! It is not really far and I am not afraid of snakes today but at this point in the holiday I am crook with a suspected ear infection and something else (no, I am NOT pregnant ;)) and I need a walking stick to stop falling over LOLOL. 

Honeymoon: Day 8

Today we go to visit Millars Landing, where we find the southern-most mangroves in the world. I've always found mangroves almost as creepy as they are fascinating. At least I know these mangroves don't have crocodiles:). 

There were little crabs everywhere, funny to watch them run in their little holes everywhere when they saw us coming. Even though some of them were too big for their holes and their butts were left sticking out LOL :) 

It was low tide and we could walk out to this little island. Theo's holding some little sea (urchin?) thingies that were in the mangroves along the water's edge everywhere.

We saw this wallaby on the way there and back, and once we realised it was eating some kind of fungi, Theo attempted to feed it a mushroom. (Sorry about the camera lens deciding to fog over about now :)).

As you can see, it wasn't really impressed. 

And here we are, the happy couple :)