Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Food & Festivities

This Christmas we have a tale of one gingerbread house, shortbreads starring bunnies with bling, a journey starring santa in an upside down dunny, two and a half christmas trees, much cooking and even more food, and two birthday cakes.

I have to add the cheesecake, fruit cake and mini mudcake christmas puddings to the cake tally, because we are still eating those. Can I count rumballs as cake too? Pudding? Pavlova? Trifle? Three fruit pies made with fruit stewed up from the christmas fruit and vegie market?

Family Christmases

Visited Dad before Christmas this year. 
Here's Theo & my dad, doing blokey thitogether, jump starting my dad's Harley.

 Here's the marvellous shell museum at Lakes Entrance.


 We also went to visit Theo's brother and sister in law in Ballarat & I was extremely nervous as I'd never met them. It was funny later that I'd even worried because the brother was just like Theo and his dad, and his wife was really nice and we had a fair bit in common. Silliness.

Hanging Rock


 This was one of our impulse Sunday activities. After church we went hey, why not go to Hanging Rock? So we did. I don't think I'd ever been there, Theo had. On the way there we stopped at another POW camp site at Graytown and on the way back we stopped at what I originally took for the world's largest ant hill, but was just a pile of diggings from some mine. Theo posed, I photographed. Memorable moments.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Doing & seeing

Visiting Col, Jess the dog looks
on while he prepares the orange
gun for shooting. Good fun :)

One thing I love to see when I'm driving (to the                   
extent that I'll change lanes to follow it more closely)         
is the little newborn calves travelling down the road            
in the back of some farmer's ute.

And this is neighbour Theo and I dismantling an old brick BBQ in his backyard. I severely bruised my thumb with the hammer. I earned the description of 'tough as nails' from this endeavour. 



 Here is Junie acting in a typically bizarre fashion.

Here is a rather picturesque shot of Southern Cross station, on a recent Melbourne trip. Made me feel all happy and spring-like.