Friday, April 10, 2009

i can't help but love my rabbit (or The Proud Rabbit Mother Who Never Shuts Up)

Yes, I do love my rabbit & go on and on about her latest adventures.

This is what the crazy, possibly hormonal adolescent rabbit did one day while home alone. Not sure what else it was about. I'd just cleaned her litter and food tray, so she wasn't cranky about that, just messed it all up.

She bunched up her food-tray paper and shredded it all over the carpet. She moved her food tray and litter tray all around. She even up-ended her water bowl (bottom right of photo) and threw it across the floor.

A very sneaky & suspicious looking rabbit....

And no it isn't gorillas in the mist, it's rabbit in the curtain...

On this particular day, she buried herself in and was rummaging around in the curtain on the front door. I was trying to leave for work but couldn't find her in all the layers of curtain. My inability to get her out probably wasn't helped by my inability to stop laughing at the ridiculous strange behaviour that was going on in the curtain.

And here's just one fat bunny, communing with the dust bunnies.