Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandmothers and secret recipes

My sister has taken on the mantle of the family special-pastry apple-pie maker and I have been bestowed with my great-aunt's famous Christmas pudding recipe, which I am going to attempt much earlier than Christmas :). One day my great aunt will not feel up to making 20 Christmas puddings for all the related family groups & then what will we do? (My grandma stopped her pudding and fruit-cake making years ago).

I dream of finally getting the secret family recipes for my dad's partner's Christmas fruitcake (with pineapple, carrot and pecans?), and for the iced tea I drank while staying at a bed & breakfast on Staten Island, where the lady comforted me as I sat crying in her kitchen (long story, that one :)).

Wouldn't it be terrible to die and not pass your secret recipes on? Or to have no-one to pass them on to? I found it quite amazing that people even die (as in, in hospital, not suddenly) with no-one even really knowing that they are there, let alone coming to say goodbye or spend time with them. That may be terrible naive of me or something but it really never occurred to me before. I am finding this incredibly depressing.

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  1. Hey Sez, this is really interesting information, it makes sense. I like the idea of getting a copy of the Christmas fruit cake. Yeah getting older hey, lots of thought goes into that one. Preparation and all. Helps staying in heaps of contact with people I reackon. love your pics especially the pink icecream container and the gorgous fabrics dress and green and white. Your rabbit is Very cool.