Friday, November 27, 2009

Rain and other events

The wind was so crazy yesterday when the storm came that when I ran outside to rescue my laundry on the clothesline, I had to put my foot in the laundry basket to prevent it from blowing away :) I love storms though. Apparently a number of shops locally were flooded out and some had roofs collapse as well. Excitement.

The rain unfortunately washed away most traces of the childish behaviour from the other night of neighbour Theo and I, when we went and wrote in the gravel of the car park next door. Giant initials and love hearts and things. That was after we went and lay on the soccer oval and watched cloud pictures in the sky.

This carpark is the same one that had me hiding from people going past my kitchen window in tractors and had me appearing in the local paper with another neighbour to apparently vent my frustration at the lack of community consultation. Oh, hey, I'll let you see the article:

I seem to be a public figure lately (not really). I also won some money through a local shopping centre competition the other week and was notified by a telephone call broadcast on local radio. I could barely understand some of my hysterical ramblings when I listened to it later :).

Last night I babysat for my little bro and sis, which in a roundabout way involved a La Porchetta birthday dinner and Theo was roped in to watch a Star Wars video (that was obviously serious boy business).

I'm off to do some cooking now, will report back later with my achievements.


  1. love the photo of you on newspaper, you look stylish, glamourous and lovely. this post reminds me of the event my friend and I have planned in the near future, to stand up my neighbours gnome in the night. My friend suggested we dress the gnome as well :) I oft cut back my neighbours vine that hinders the freedom of growth around the branches it so entertwines. I do this at odd times of the day or when his outside blinds are down. I feel so Audrey Tou Tou. Although my neighbour is quite a grumpy middleaged man, I sense his peace with me doing this thru the air..
    megs xo

  2. PS Congratulations on all your latest being noticed :)

  3. I HAVE TO SEE THAT ARTICLE!!!! cracking up here!!!
    Shops got flooded? I am so missing out on all the goss. I don't even know about the Sudden Car Park. Sob.