Friday, January 7, 2011

It's still all a blur

The past few months have been a bit of a blur. More blurry than usual ;). Combine that with less blogging than usual & everything has sort of vanished into that place where people's names & random events go to be forgotten. 

What miscellaneous events can I dredge up to help fill in the blanks? And let's just hope that I haven't actually blogged about it already & just forgotten that too ;). 

The chook Dotty turned into a rooster that attacked the duck Daisy, until she bled everywhere. Dotty has gone on a long trip. Bye bye. 

The loungeroom carpet reeked so much I couldn't stand to touch it (it just got worse in the warmer weather). A previous resident obviously had pets indoors, to say the least. We ripped it up & discovered nice varnished floorboards underneath. They need re-doing, but that's not a priority. Here's a photo of the mould and gunk stuck to them before we cleaned them ;). All those little black dots had to be gently scrubbed off, they're not just marks lol. Appetizing.

We had a mini family reunion in November, whatever cousins & aunts & uncles could make it did so, that was nice. (My mum's side of the family).

In October, Theo's Oma (his Dad's mum) died at the ripe old age of 90. She'd been sick for a long time. Less than a week later, his Pop died (his Mum's dad). He was also very ill. Both big family events. Theo's family was obviously a bit knocked around to say the least. I felt like an attention seeker because I was a real flake & had to leave both services early & sit outside on the ground, eating crackers & apples. 

Oh, we had the anniversary of when Theo & I met ;). We don't know what day exactly. 

Can't remember anything else right now :). 

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