Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comfort Food

On a related but much nicer topic, I have had some hankerings for awesome comfort food lately. My list of comfort food is long and never runs out. I forgot to take a pic of the gooey golden-syrup dumplings I made a few weeks ago, but they really weren't very photogenic. My sister visited on the weekend and bought vegie soup and the preparations for some golden-syrup dumplings. Very appreciated, that was :) I don't know what her recipe was, but I used a combination of these two ones recently. I think I use a different one each time!

Mmmm, comfort food....

Mashed potato
Cake, especially cheese cake
Chocolate- although I'm not sure if that really counts, it's just good anytime
Rice Pudding
Cauliflower & cheese sauce
Golden-Syrup Dumplings
Chocolate pudding
Chips & gravy

Is there such thing as a universal comfort food? I wonder.


  1. Hey comfort is deliscious as. I love it and would eat lots of it if I was single. I sneak it in every now and then... my fav: hot chilli philadelphia cheese with doritos, Mars Bars are my latest, chocolate quik, and salt and vinegar colven chips from IGA.

  2. I agree with all your suggestions... Would have to add to the list... Milo and TimTam Slams, Rice Pudding anything goey, sweet and hot!... tried to put my comment in webding font but it didn't like it... bum!