Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perth via camera phone

Yay! I've unearthed more evidence that I was actually alive between January and April. Theo & I went to Perth for a wedding of a good mate of his. I forgot the camera, but we were rescued by the three phone cameras between us. I've never been to Perth before (Theo lived there for 3 years), and I was very excited. His mate was from over here originally. 

We went to the botanical gardens and I saw the first Coolibah tree I ever saw. Much excitement and singing of Waltzing Matilda ensued.

We were staying at Theo's old boss's house, with his family. By the end of the week, I felt like we were related to them lol. On a particularly memorable Saturday morning, we drove for an hour and a half up to Northam where Theo and I took turns flying with Wayne (the boss) in his ultralight. 

Theo did start getting his ultralight pilot's licence while he lived over there. This has got him enthused again. I won't object:) 

We went 4 hours south of Perth, to Albany for a night because the boss and his wife were going down there for a week for work. Theo and I went to the old whaling station which they've now turned into a museum. It was really interesting.

I'm standing next to the skeleton of a Pygmy Blue Whale which was gigantic but is only two thirds the size of a normal Blue Whale. Their veins are big enough for a child to crawl into.

And here's a big jawbone around the doorway :) 

They had one of the original whaling boats set up so that you can walk all through it. Here's the kitchen and someone's old cabin.

We went to this blowhole that wasn't blowing much but right next to it was this beautiful little beach that you had to get to via this strange scary plank walk thing. I would not have done that by myself lol. It was a lovely beach :)

And this bizarre thing is not a wave but is some strange fungi thing growing on a rock in the sand:)


  1. Wow thats amazing, cool photos, love your style, cool ride in plane :) xoxoxo

  2. Oh that wale stuff is awesone. I love the skelleton and also the bed!!!!