Thursday, April 29, 2010

The last few months are a blur...

Between getting engaged and getting ready for the wedding, anything else that happened in between there is a bit of a blur :). The photos taken (not many, mind you:)) are proof that I was actually alive somewhere in there. But gee I'm glad we're married now. I'm not complaining:) 

Here's Jerry our new baby. We got him in January from Mark and Elise who live two doors up. 

And here he is being Christmas kitty. Yes, he was enjoying himself. 
In March, we had Oma's 90th birthday party (Theo's dad's mum) & a family reunion, at the local Bocce club. We had 250+ people there, but that was with a lot of people not making it :) The amazing cake had Australia on the bottom, with Holland on the top and the little flags are one for each of the 15 children. 

Excuse the blurriness. I think the flash mustn't have been on :) 

Here's Oma with the children that were there on the night. Two are dead and three couldn't come for some reason. 

There was a cool photo that they put in the local paper that everyone on the night appeared in. You can just see the top of Theo's head & the side of my face in it LOL. I'll unearth it one day and blog it :)

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