Friday, April 30, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 13

Today we actually left the cabin before lunchtime. We even set the alarm (shock, horror). We mainly wanted to see Tarra Bulga National Park before our honeymoon ended, but ended up looking at everything along the way, too. The best way to do things:) 

And here's a gratuitous shot of the moon over the water, last night from our deck :) 

A wind farm on the way, but you couldn't go right up to the base of the turbines, like the ones in Perth.

And here's a photo of my hunny at Tarra Falls, just cos he's gorgeous ;)

And just us and some scenery as well. The sign is the same one I have a photo of at home somewhere, with my mum and dad and us kids in front of it, like, 20 years ago ;)

There'd been a lot of wind and the bark normally comes off these trees in great strips anyway, and now it was all over the road as well. It looked good and then Theo had fun.

More bark antics.

And there is actually a lyrebird at the end of this track (blob in middle :)). We saw a couple, and even a male one doing his little dance while he was singing, but it wasn't easy to photograph lol.

A steaming vegetation patch and a steaming sign. Don't know.

Suspension bridge :)

(n.b. the people at the caravan park where we ate lunch were really friendly and so was their cockatoo)

Next was Port Albert, with nice fish and chips by the pier.

And this strange beautiful house?? at Welshpool :) I just wanted to go in the thing ;) Excuse the wheely bin lol

And here's Agnes Falls

And then we went home :) 


  1. These are Beautiful photos, love the bark antics :) Beautiful water fall xoxo

  2. I love that house.
    Glad you had a beautiful honeymoon.