Monday, June 21, 2010

Cooking, Whroo & Life in General

Been up to all sorts of bits & pieces. Theo constructed this pot belly stove of sorts from an old gas bottle & it now resides in the shed, complete with chimney thru the roof. It is really very nice and warm in there with the stove going. Theo works on stuff & I sit in a chair and read a book:)

And here is my new PINK kitchen baby, while Theo demonstrates the tastiness of things it helps to make:). It was a wedding present from my Dad & Sharon. 

This was all part of several recent cooking frenzies ;) 

All very belly- and freezer-filling.

And here's Ainsley and Simon, at their recent wedding :) 

And here's Theo & I, too :) 

Now Whroo. Always entertaining. With our broken handbrake, we had to resort to wedging rocks under the back car tyres;)

Someone suddenly decided the main mine was unsafe & decided to fence it off. Sort of.

There was some drama when a young man and three females (two of them from The City) went missing down a mine shaft for two hours. A large crowd of friends and family gathered atop the shaft's dark maw, two brave would-be rescuers went down the rope after them (yes, one of them was Theo), calls to the SES were narrowly averted, someone produced climbing gear and the would-be explorers were found returning safe & sound - although they apparently needed some help getting out of there. There were rumours of hanky panky, amongst the youngsters, but I think it unlikely considering the people involved ;)

Here's the trio of girls, and one of the rescuers, and the procession back home :).


  1. So funny!! Me and benj are cracking up, especially at the rescue procession walkng back, that is a great photo. So serious. So sombre. Such an event. Mum rings us and says "Rose is stuck down the mine."

  2. Sarah! I have been sitting here laughing for a good 5 minutes. Best post. So funny. Not sure about these rumours of hanky panky though. haha