Monday, June 21, 2010

Camping Adventures on the Buckland River (yay!)

We finally went camping, Theo & I! Theo couldn't get another day off to make it a long weekend, but we left Friday night after work to make it a bit longer. We went to the Buckland Valley, near Bright. Theo's been there before. (p.s. don't you love the whole idea of a website dedicated to public toilets? Very useful). 

Here's my new raincoat. It packs up into its pocket, which is also a little bag. It's pink. It was on special. Need I say more? 

Breakfast/Brunch, whatever it was, by the time we got ourselves out of bed in the morning & the fire going, with all the wet wood we had ;)

Travelling up a very blackberry-infested creek, trying to get to a spot on the Buckland River to go gold panning. It wasn't bound to be very successful - the river was too full - but it was fun.

Just after here I lost my hat. Theo left me at the creek near the car and went back to get it. My hero! Lucky the hat was white....and it wasn't snowing...

Me, poking the fire with my fire stick. Enjoyable occupation.

Why not put a moth on my nose, says Theo.

And home again


  1. Great photos - I LOVE THEM!! Looks like a most excellent place to go. Love the photo of the fire too. Yay for your adventures.

  2. Love your buckland valley adventures, how Cool love how there are some wild black berries still left roaming around..