Saturday, October 9, 2010

4 Tests Later....

On Tuesday I woke up feeling sad because I'd had this very vivid dream about this perfect baby I had had, and when I woke up it wasn’t true, and I had no baby. Mind you, Theo & I are trying NOT to have babies right now, and that was a very mutual decision ;)

This dream, however, left me feeling very weird to say the least. My period was actually late too but that was nothing unusual. I’d had cramps for the last week and a half, so I was expecting it any moment. At some point that morning I think I realised that my cramps were just hanging around not getting any worse, and that nothing was happening.

I think I went to the bathroom next, feeling silly, peed on a stick, and as I sat there watching the first line appear, I thought, right, that’s that silliness out of my head. I got up to leave. And then I saw this really faint second line appear. Started thinking I was hallucinating. Realised I wasn’t and ran straight to the bathroom cupboard to get another test from the box. Repeated the process.

They were both quite faint lines, so I think at this point I thought about my cramps and wondered what was really going on. I think here I ran to the computer and googled ‘cramps in early pregnancy’ and lo and behold, that appeared to be fairly normal. Why hadn’t I heard about this before?! (The sequence of events is all muddled up in my head and its possible I did all this before the first test. Makes less sense, but who knows! ;))

The morning was getting on by now, Theo was on earlies & due home at 1. I raced to the chemist and got a third test (eyeing off the door the whole time in case anyone I knew came in), and surprise surprise it was positive too. I made a doctors appointment for that afternoon (a miracle they could fit me in at all, really). I texted Theo twice because he was late getting home, and broke the news to him:

Me: “I had this weird vivid dream last night about a baby I had, and I was really sad when I woke up and it wasn’t true”  
Theo: “Are you pregnant?”
(I shove the test stick at him, which I had been hiding in the piano keyboard. He is most surprised. But very happy, I must add ;) ).

To cut a long story short, we go to the doctors, I pee in a cup, give them lots of blood. We drive half an hour to the nearest big chemist just to get the most expensive pregnancy test we can find, and I surreptitiously use it in Theo’s parents’ bathroom, where we surprise them with the news :). 

I’m only just now getting used to the idea :)


  1. WOOHOO.... Congrats Theo & Sarah! Thats excellent news!

  2. Congratulations Sez, I am SO Stoked for you both XOXOXOXO