Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little bit camping

We’ve been camping this week. We’ve been planning it for ages. We left on Sunday afternoon & came back not today or yesterday as planned, but on Tuesday night. Well, we thought that might happen ;)
All the things that I normally find fun, I didn’t. All the things that are normally just a bit inconvenient were sending my stress levels through the roof, and peeing twenty times a day in a portaloo is not much fun either. So, nothing was fun, everything was bad, I felt like crap when I didn’t just feel like sleeping, so we came home.
After I cried about it, I was relieved & Theo was very nice about it all & if he minded he didn’t say so.

Here's some nice camping photos I did end up taking :).

We also went out to a friend’s for tea last night and in between dinner and dessert the bachelor of the house made up a bed for me on the lounge room floor so I could have a lie down, instead of just doing that at the table. I felt like a 2 year old LOL. Funnily enough, yesterday was probably the best I’d felt all day in a while. Until teatime ;).

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  1. Beautiful. Isn't Perth and WA Gorgous?
    I can't stop raving about it. xoxo