Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walking the Dogs

It started off alright. We set off for a trip around the lake. Bobby was all nicely groomed even. Then there was a disturbing encounter with bogans and an empty shopping trolley. They appeared to be of all ages. They left the trolley in the shrubbery.

Then we had a skirmish with a friend's kids and their Labrador. It ended after one kid ended up lying in the mud, Theo yelling at him to get his dog, me telling the other one to help do something with your dog while Theo literally hung our dogs in the air from their leashes, where they dangled, looking like skinned rabbits.
I think Billy started it, because the lab came running over off its leash. She seemed to be hanging off the lab's eye or ear or something. We threw them in the lake to wash the blood off them (they and our pants had blood everywhere). We could do without walks like that in future ;)

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