Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family, feathered & otherwise

I don't think I knew how sociable chooks could be. With people, anyway. Lacy has been following us everywhere. Even helping us garden. 

 Lately she doesn't follow us around so much because she has two followers of her own. Gertie we picked up at the Violet Town Market, and Dorothy was appropriated from next door because they gained eleven and said well why don't we keep one. Actually, we fostered all the half-grown ones for a night, while the big ones slept in a dog kennel, until they built the pen :). I somehow seem to have neglected taking any photos of Gertie :). 

And, just to show we treat all animals as equal (flies and centipedes don't count as an animal), Theo felt sorry for Billy being scared of the lawnmower, so he finished it off like this: 

And here are three misfits just getting along fine. 

Theo's parents have taken off on their long trek north for what's left of not-quite-winter, and we visited for dinner and Jenga. Nobody broke any bones and we all survived. Although I did tip my cup of tea on myself, which is also what I did the last time I visited there. At least this time I didn't require a change of clothes, and feel like I wet my pants...

Here's a gift my little sister brought me because I was sick for two months & she thought she'd cheer me up. Effective :)

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