Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am sitting here with a duckling on my shoulder. Just thought I'd mention that ;) She does have something to poo on so she doesn't do it on me lol. 

Theo's got a week off work this week, just to have a bit of a break & Col was going down to Eldorado this week, and Theo's been saying he'll take me there, pretty much since I've known him ;) so we just went down for a night. Left on Tuesday morning, came back yesterday afternoon. Col camped & we had our meals with him but we didn't bother packing the tent for just a night so we just stayed at the caravan park, which was really nice & the people were extra friendly :) 

We went gemstoning in the river on Tuesday afternoon & yesterday before we went home, we spent a couple of hours looking over the old dredge, which as Theo described it to me "it's sort of a cross between a giant piece of machinery & a big floating shed". 

So I was quite intrigued but I didn't realise what 'climbing and looking all over it' actually meant, so ended up being quite scared when we got on the thing (I am really not very good with heights ;)) but I did it & climbed all over the thing & got lots of photos to show for it. Actually, some of them Theo took because I was literally too scared to let go of the ladder/rail/ whatever I was gripping at the time. I actually climbed up and down one ladder with my eyes closed LOL:D. 

It doesn't look half as scary in the photos :D


  1. Hey Sez, found some gorgous russian dolls stuff the other fine day and thought of you heaps mmmmmm
    PS the word verification for this comment is 'unsput' wonder if its in the dictionary.... nope, goodie :)

  2. Hi Sez, nice blog, didn't even know you had one or like 3 of them. Our net hasn't been working. Vegemite plate at IGA if you hadn't already found them. Xx