Sunday, September 12, 2010

Steam Engines & Travels

Theo got some time off work but I was too sick to go camping, so we just went to Beechworth for a night. I'm not sure if I've actually been there before ;). It was on our list of things to do anyway, but that particular weekend was their annual Ned Kelly festival, so we got to see the suits of armour all on display and smile goofily across the street at Sigrid Thornton standing there with a cup of coffee. And John Jarratt rode past on a horse. Entertainment. I also got to sit down in a dark corner because all the multitudes of tourists and children almost made me throw up (well, remember I was sick anyway...), and we waited til 15 minutes before closing to see the suits of armour because that line had all day been very long.

You may not know how much Theo loves his steam engines. They had this little display set up in this park area there, and here's some vintage and model (wooden, even!) ones :) 

While we're on the topic, here's Theo's ones he made years ago, he finally set up to show me them going: 

On the way back from Beechworth, we meandered around & found one place we might go camping one day: 

And I'd like to say we like crossing the state border so much that we did it twice, but the truth is we were looking for something and couldn't find it... :D 

We do like our road trips.

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