Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back! For now anyway. New blog... :)

Well in the world of sez, it was time for a new blog. Time to stick some new photos in that new blog....

These are from the trip to Warrnambool with the family at the start of March... (we came back on the 8th, the day after 'Black Saturday', weren't sure for a while there if we were even going to be able to get back home!)

The fam at Twelve Apostles Flagstaff Hill

Cacti Discovery....

Can't go past a quality game of minigolf!

Father & Son

Wistful Sailor?

Seaweed Mastery

So that was that. We managed to be in practically the 'coldest' place in the state for those two weeks and avoided most of those 40+ degree days, what a bonus.

I missed my rabbit a lot.


  1. I love your family the best. They are my FAVOURITE!! What clever thinking to be in the coldest part of the state over that time. Love lighhouses more than milo!! Gorgous photos.

  2. Catci discovery looks great!!
    So happy to see you are on to a new blog and with photos - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now we can talk on the nets again while living right down the road from each other - high tec.
    fROM TOR.

  3. okay will be back tomorrow or tomorrow night to further comment on the new adventures of Sez.

  4. Can't believe I've missed so much great blogging... got back into the loop and find tonight that both you and Tor are in new blog world. Love the background... Must learn how to pretty up my blog. Oh and stop being on facebook and return to the more personal and picturey world of blogs.