Monday, March 9, 2009

Op-shop pink-ness

I almost cried when I saw this cat, because I
loved it so much. I walked around the shop trying
not to talk to it like a baby, and thinking someone was
about to snatch it out of my hand. OK, I was having a bad day.... ;)

And this table-cloth I think is my favourite one so far. It doesn't look as faded as in the photo, and I did iron it (!) (a rarity for me, too!), but hey it'll do :)


  1. Wow the cat is sooo cute!! The table cloth is gorgous. love the strawberries. love the whole pink thing.

  2. I LOVE the cat and would hav bought it myself if I saw it in an opshop.
    Then Nick would steal it for his cat family collection so maybe it's better that you found it.
    I have to say again that I'm so impressed with the crocheting you've achieved.