Sunday, March 8, 2009


Juniper, beloved offspring of Eva and Nemo, is the house-trained star of my household.

When she first came home. Don't know
what she was doing there, or how he/she got in there in the first place either.

Always checking something out, especially if it involves me

Lying in the doorway, until she got very annoyed at the camera going off and hopped away again.

So, like any proud parent, I take much interest in her daily activities. Unfortunately, I am not sure if she is even a she. I have suspicions that she is a he. Doesn't matter much as Juniper will be going to the vet to have an operation as soon as he/she is old enough (shhhh).

If I feel inclined, I will include her litter tray in the next photo shoot. How exciting ;)


  1. Love the second photo. It looks lovely.

  2. Must say before I go that J is growing up to be a fine young rabbit, male or female, I think he/she got lucky with his/her new home.