Friday, March 13, 2009

Bathrobe Adventures

Amongst other things, I have an almost daily habit of running around outside in my bathrobe in the early morning, or sometimes not so early. And sometimes it’s after dinner as well, which is also broad daylight during daylight savings.

Picking grass, hunching over and creeping around my mostly dead- weed lawn, poring over it even, searching for prime bunches or even individual pieces of grass and a stray stalk of dandelion or milk-thistle, going in and out my back door with handfuls of grass. Sometimes armfuls. In my dressing gown. Carrying and taking inside what are obviously bunches of grass or weeds.

At least I try to avoid the front yard. Although it sort of is the front yard, as the side of the house is angled towards the street and doesn’t have a separate fence. If I hear people or a car, I just make sure I’m facing the other way and pretend to be perfectly normally absorbed with my bunches of grass, hunched over the ground. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be near the hot water heater, so I can just sort of well, hide behind it, in a purposeful kind of way.

So I’m not ashamed of my behaviour, I just don’t like to advertise it. I realise that it could be construed as kind of odd.

I am very fond of my rabbit, and it is spoilt. If you are one of my neighbours, I’m not hoarding that grass in my fridge. I do buy groceries.


  1. After living in China, one will never feel embarassed for doing the things "westerners" find odd and strange. I love strolling round the garden in my pjs, and we have a tiny front yard...

  2. megz, i am so proud of you :D