Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why wouldn't you go in to every random op-shop you came across?

I went to Melbourne for an appointment the other day. (On this particular trip, I first almost went on the wrong day (was organising myself for the next day, and found out it wasn't the next day), then almost went 2 hours too early (was walking out the door to leave and decided to double-check). Lucky I did double check. Both times :D)

So, on my voyages there, I often go past this one op-shop but it's always closed when I can get there, but this time it was open!

Found these awesome treasures (there were lots more!) it was op-shop heaven! You know when you have a dream and you go into an opshop and there’s everything you want, everywhere you turn? Organised, prices you actually want to pay. So here are some of my recent op-shop marvels.
I find these (possibly home-decorated?)
dog glasses very

Both just nice

This box was a real treasure.
(Don't quite
know what to do with it yet :) )

And this hanging kitchen tile makes
me feel very homely & like I want to bake....

And I discovered this blog: (all about op-shopping!!) It's a wonder for vicarious op-shopping!)

And this website, some people who just run op-shop tours (Melbourne): What an idea. That’s what I call a shopping tour! Although I’m not thrilled with the idea of a whole busload of people descending on any op-shop I happen to be in ;). I think that op-shopping is maybe better as a more private thing.

This one last treasure is a (blurry photo of) a roll of ribbon I got from the Violet Town market. It was from this stall that this old lady had, which also had a variety of crocheted items. I think it was one of my favourites :)

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