Saturday, July 18, 2009

bairnsdale easter

Easter this year, went and visited Dad again, sort of near Bairnsdale. Drove around a few places, the tip as usual, sprayed weeds, chopped wood, sorted out some old family photos, visited people, went & saw the koalas on Raymond Island, every morning went to check on the wombat trap (the wombat wife had already been relocated, now the man had to be stopped from digging up the dam wall) but no luck, so no photo, and the womble is still wombling free... (I had that song in my head every day I was there. Anyone else remember The Wombles, I wonder?).

An easter surprise waiting in 'my' bedroom when I arrived / Nice to open up curtains in morning and lie in bed looking at Gippsland Lakes in the distance

A favourite corner to read a book in / Regular visitors- King Parrots, Rosellas, lots of other very cheeky birds

Sleeping / Itching / Curious Koalas on Raymond Island

Everybody checking things out / Shazza & Marlene / Some kind of honeyeater

Ferry back over to mainland / Muffy the faithful furry one

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