Thursday, July 23, 2009

My sister's stash....

Today I was visiting one of my sisters, who shall remain nameless.

I mainly went to plant some things from my garden that I didn't want & she had room for. That in itself was an adventure as I had to go to the service station in my gardening clothes (shock horror) and the boot of my car was full of plants, dirt and all, which I was desperate to make them all fit in, as I didn't want them in the back seat of my car, imagining things crawling up the back of my seat on the entire trip there.

So, gumbooted and gloved up, myself and the plants came and we planted. I met the new pet goat and we generally enjoyed ourselves, hard work and all. We even discovered a smell that was suspiciously like a 'dead mouse under the floorboards' smell. I'm sure my sister really wanted you to know that. Well, she is still nameless.

Long story shorter, my sister now has a blog, well no technically I now have an additional blog, on my sister's behalf. The whole story is on the first post of that blog, but basically, she somehow manages to find all these amazing things, and some of the wonders she has amassed we feel simply need more public appreciation. And as my sister a. doesn't need more public appreciation personally, she gets enough from crazy feral neighbours; b. doesn't have internet connected currently and isn't very computer-confident; and c. wants the sources of her remarkable stash to forever remain her own private secret mystery, I am now blogging on her behalf. Or am her ghost-blogger or something. Anyway.

So, go there, enjoy the one post that is there already. And I had a good day today. (But forgot to take my camera so the goat isn't captured for posterity, yet).

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