Wednesday, July 29, 2009

who are the people in your neighbourhood....

I have new neighbours. It must be official, they must actually be 'in', because now there's a dog and a caravan as well. They have been moving in for maybe a couple of months now, I keep getting glimpses of them, sometimes there's a car there, furniture goes in and out (??). I have never actually spoken to them, so it has gotten to the ridiculous stage where I feel like I'm rude and like I'm avoiding them deliberately & am very self conscious about the whole thing. For goodness sakes.

In the past 6 months, we have had I think 4 of the 6 houses (or is it 5 of the 7?) in our little section of the street, go up for sale. One by one. I was starting to get paranoid :). At least people are moving back in now :). It was getting a bit deserted.

I just realised the other day that after years of living in a number of rental houses, not only is this the house I've lived in the longest since I was a teenager, but I actually know every person who has lived in this house before me? (And this is not a new house. It must be at least 60, 70 I don't know how many years old!). Well, it wasn't that many people. A family built this house, room by room, the children all grew up (I know who a lot of them are), the old lady sold it & moved out, my sister moved in here, she part-inherited the lady's cat, my sister moved out, I moved in. So I sort of feel like there's this big history thing there. It's nice :)

I can still hear the new neighbours moving stuff around......

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