Friday, August 14, 2009


I think blogger has fried my brain. You know the comment verifcation words that you have to type when you post a comment? I just had 'ovening' as one. I was fascinated what that would mean if it were an actual word. Obviously it could be a verb involving ovens. Or it might not be. I am determined to use it as a word soon.

So I actually posted a comment on that. And was quite obsessed with the next word: reptes.

Something latin-ish, anatomical, perhaps? Or what if it was a geographical feature?

I really had to restrain myself from posting a comment on that. I actually just wanted to see what the next word churned out would be. That's what you do when you're really bored. Find a computer program that automatically generates words and invent meanings for them. Maybe I should mass-produce it.

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