Sunday, August 9, 2009

Miniature Pigs in Australia

I always loved little piglets. Neville and someone else, can't remember who was telling me recently how pigs are mainly smelly because of what they are fed & because they roll in their own mess & poo, not because they particularly want to, but because they are usually in these bare pens & roll in the wettest, muckiest spot in the pen, which is usually where they have been peeing, to keep cool. They get easily sunburnt because they don't really have hair & also can't cool down so they roll in the muck. And that they / someone they knew used to keep pigs and they were nice and clean and didn't smell as much as a lot of pigs do.

SO I was going oh poor piggies and how cool for me they can be kept clean I want one even more but STILL I know they can grow into gigantic big monster pigs, and I just want a little one.

AND THEN someone else then in another conversation told me that you CAN GET MINIATURE PIGS! THAT STAY LITTLE! Well, little-er, anyway. I was gobsmacked. So I googled some, and hey presto, here you go.....

A beautiful baby piggie :) and this wonderful astounding website:

Miniature Pigs in Australia

So yay, in my ideal menagerie (zoo ;) ), there would be one of these little babies :)

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  1. YES they are so awesome. CUTE AS. I saw them on Burkes Bakcyard once, way cool.
    You're blog is looking rad.