Monday, August 3, 2009

How Embarrassment

While running from coffee with Mum and one sis to an appointment last week, I was approached by someone & their cameraman from a local paper. I answered various questions, they took my photo, and I continued on.

By the time I get to my car I am practically hysterical (& even ring my mum to tell her just this) and have running on a loop in my head how embarrassing i can't believe i just did that how embarrassing oh my goodness what on earth and realize that they could have been talking about purple giraffes on the railway and their effect on nuclear reactions for all the sense I seemed to put in my answers.

I even need a haircut and was having a bad hair day. And I had on my glasses which look squinty in the photo. And practically everyone I've seen since then has told me about my 10 seconds of fame. And it would appear in the 'popular' day of the week's paper, wouldn't it :) Ah, could have done worse.

Here is a much doctored version ;)

I wonder if the odds for getting called for jury duty in my lifetime are any different.


  1. I love this photo, and I am curious to see what print was there. Very Cool.

  2. PS Those knitted sox I bought them from a box at church. I was stoked off my tree when I saw them. They are soo comfy.

  3. lol megz, i'll email you a non-adjusted copy :)