Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show & Tell Friday

Yet again I am a little late ;)  as I just got back from holidays and then somewhere picked up an ear infection (I never get ear infections!) and half fainted all over the place so here I am, if a bit woozy :) Here's the link to the the show & tell friday blog I am following :)
Here is my little elephant that I picked up from a school fete years ago. See the little ceramic flowers on his back? I don't know if he was originally a different colour, or if he was made with that decoupage-type flower pattern covering him. Anyway, I love him. He is just so colourful and cheerful. A happy little elephant, I think :)

Can't you hear him trumpeting?


  1. Wow what a nice looking pacaderm... I have a sis in law who collect elephants and I am sure she too would say it was pretty!. Thanks for sharing... you have a pretty blog

  2. That is so funny. I do like it when someone has taken a ceramic masterpiece and made it even better with more additions. I hope your ear's better now!!!

  3. Thats great, school fetes are the best.

  4. Yeah, I even wish they had a directory of school fetes, like they have one of the markets lol