Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Magpie Incident

I had my stepdad bring over the cat trap to catch this feral yowling stinky peeing tomcat that has been harassing us all hours of the night (even waking me up some early mornings!!).

I hadn't un-set it this morning and this afternoon I caught something unexpected. The source of all the racket I could hear out the back porch was a poor juvenile-ish magpie which had got itself stuck in the trap (would have been trying to eat the cat kibbles, I'm sure!).

The poor, rather stupid birdie went even more crazy when I went out there, and when I tried to get near it to open the door (which kept getting stuck, too!), it was flinging itself around so much that the little container half-full of now slightly-curdled milk was being splashed all over the place. I got the door open and somehow lost my grip as the maggie made a run for it, so it actually got banged by the door, I managed to open it again & free the poor beastie.

I don't think he'll be back. I hope he still likes me, I think he was one of the friendly ones :)

The back porch now smells very strongly of a dairy, instead of just like cat pee.

Here he is, I ran back in & grabbed the camera. It's a wonder the lens doesn't have milk on it :)

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