Saturday, August 29, 2009

More holiday fun for all

Some random holiday shots:

We pruned: this lemon tree is now but a shadow of its former self…. But there’s another great big lemon tree to compensate, and this one’s now all beautiful Meyer lemon (was a graft and the normal lemon was hogging all the nutrients).

When I was a kid, I remember peeling the sap from trees & holding it up to the light & looking through the amber colour & wondering where they got real amber from, and just enjoying the golden sappiness. We probably didn't help the poor tree which must have been afflicted by something in the first place to make it leak sap all over the place. Still, there's some pleasant childhood memory feelings associated with this sappy tree here. (Note: I did not touch the sap on this here tree).

Path that begins some long adventurous journey....

My favourite window seat, yet again. Perfect for crocheting, reading or just resting, especially with a cup of tea :)

From the outside, too!

Girl and Dog

I would have gone op-shopping, but the car battery was flat (I assume that was the problem) when I went to leave, and that was the last day. Next time!

On the way home:
Flowers I bought for myself at Southern Cross station - Jonquils and (stock?).
Mmmm lamingtons Dad made himself from work to eat on way home

Very threatening looking rain cloud we are approaching, but I’m nice & snug in the train….

My seating arrangements, all my crocheting & other paraphernalia surrounding me!

Note the mostly-invisible magazines on the right, against the seat- they are a gorgeous Country Style and a puzzle one that I only bought because I didn’t have enough for the eftpos, otherwise :{


  1. OH MY how good is the travelling arrangements photos - perfection. Perfection.

  2. Love it, I LOVE your favourite sitting spot. Its divine. Love your travelling arrangements too - comfy as. LOVE lemon trees. Gorgous large one.