Thursday, August 6, 2009

Was Not a Happy Bunny

The Big Fluff Queen, Juniper, went to the vet today to get her claws clipped. The vet even called them daggers, so no wonder she has been stabbing me when she sits on my feet lately. I might be brave enough to do it myself next time, I've just never done it before.

She handled it pretty well, until I had to get her out of her cage at home (she hasn't got a better cage yet, only my old one that you have to pick them up through the hole in the top).

When I put her on the floor, she not only GROWLED at me, twice!! but then proceeded to stamp her feet at me a number of times before hiding behind the couch. She has never growled at anything in her life. She didn't even get so upset when I had to take her to get her stitches out - and that was actually more painful!

Lucky she's pretty easy going (or forgetful, I'm not sure which ;)). She is happily teeth grinding when I pat her now, following me around, in a generally good mood for a rabbit on a warm afternoon. And no more stabbing mummy.

I know there's treats here somewhere.../ What's all the fuss and bother about?/ Teeth grinding happy bunny

1 comment:

  1. What a good bunny after the dreadful claw clipping. Oh how I hate doing that each month! Wishing you all the best for future clippings.
    bunny hugs,