Thursday, August 6, 2009

International Crochet

My lovely friend brought me back some extra special craft books from Thailand.
One is a little Thai crochet book, involving lots of funky animals / animal purses. I especially love these little owls :)

The other is this Japanese craft magazine, containing lots of interesting things, sort of exotic-crafty inspirational pictures & even some nice crochet goodies to make.

They are both very exciting and precious (two random words that seemed to fit), and I mostly have only half an idea what they're talking about (another plus for picture books). BUT the crochet stuff comes with charts with international crochet symbols on them, so you can just follow them. And it's got foldout patterns in the middle for a skirt and whatever else is in there. My goodness, I do love having so many things to make that I can't decide what to do next :).

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