Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random day out

Had a day in Melbourne today, even managed to catch up with a friend at the last minute, which was really nice as I hardly ever see her :)

Here is my day in nice, somewhat abbreviated point form.

1. Get up at 4 something a.m. At least I get to watch 'Police Rescue' re-runs while I eat breakfast.

2. Fall asleep on the train (pretty normal), woken periodically by a teenage girl with the loudest laugh in the world. I also smile and pull faces in my sleep.

3. Exchange today's return ticket for one with the right date (only bought it yesterday, opened my diary to look at appointment while buying ticket & still managed to buy for the wrong date).

4. Buy ticket for next week's trip (and will discover tomorrow that I have yet again bought it for the wrong date. How exactly do I do that?)

5. Decide it is too depressing, cold and drizzly outside and that I need to be in a big warm shopping centre with some cheesecake inside me.

6. Meet a duck wandering in the plaza outside the shopping centre. It just sort of wanders around unconcerned-ly, lets me get pretty close & then waddles away, softly quacking in rebuke when I try to catch it. I abandon my duck-rescue attempts & go to find the cake. (What exactly was I planning to do with the duck when I caught it, anyway? Put it in a locker and then take it home on the train with me? Give it to the information desk?)

7. Find a shop with the most delicious, pink cake holder in the world. Robert Gordon. I actually asked the shop lady if I could take a photo. Well, she said yes ;)

8. Make a trip to the petshop, which I usually find most enjoyable. Today I just got depressed because there were two rabbits and one rabbit looked depressed and ill, it even had weepy eyes and nose. I felt so sorry for it. It had a cold at the very least. Maybe I should ring somebody....

9. Go to my appointment, the reason behind all today's shenanigans.

10. Return to meet my friend. It's so dark at 3pm that the lights came on & you could hardly see. End-of-the-world cataclysmic event disaster-movie kind of clouds.

11. When my friend arrives, her car is smoking and smells weird. Before she leaves, we rather clutzily and girly-like add more oil and look at the water like we know what we're doing but her car starts again & does get her home.

12. I have another of my nostalgic/annoyed/old lady set in her ways kind of fits where I wonder why don't they just call it spencer street station like they used to and whatever happened to that weird upstairs bit with the special ceiling, whatever architectural term you would have used for it.

13. On the way home, some poor people are lost and get off at the wrong stop and board our bus by accident. After much confusion and consultation of maps, phone calls are made and they get off at my stop, where someone is picking them up. The person picking them up I imagine was saying something like this "What? Where are you? Spell it! Where's that? How far is it from ------? Well, where's that? Can you spell that??" I gave them my phone number in case they both got lost.

14. The bus, by the way, the driver told us that it was a dark old bus so she couldn't check our tickets & that the toilet door was stuck so if we needed to go, to just give her a yell & she'd jemmy it open for us. And we could always stop in (town) if we were desperate. Unrelatedly, someone's phone (which they obviously couldn't find in the dark confines of their bus seat) rang & it's ringtone was extremely loud and R-rated. I think it woke everyone up.

15. At my arrival home, I find in the back porch a different juvenile magpie calmly waiting in the cat-trap cage. Once released, it repeatedly tries to get in house, maybe it was confused and thought inside the house was daylight and the darkness was just a big blackness of nothing waiting to swallow it up. It eventually sat there on a box of hay & fluffed up it's feathers. It made one of those 'I'm hungry, feed me' bird-beak-motions so I took pity on it and fed it a cat kibble. When I left it, it was still sitting there, possibly waiting for daylight. (It was still there in the morning, but gone by the time the other birds outside woke up.)

16. In the pitch black, I also run around the yard calling for a disobedient cat, afraid that if I leave it it might try to eat the magpie. Not that she ordinarily chases birds. I just felt responsible for the poor confused bird. I make many trips outside while getting ready for bed, because that cat really doesn't want to come in. I tread on a slug and a big magpie poo in my bare feet & avoid a spider running past me on the footpath. Eventually the cat is inside, the magpie's sleeping on my porch & my rabbit is the one being disobedient, she doesn't want to go to bed. The night has been interesting enough, so even though the bins still haven't been put out, I decide to stuff the bins!! It's time to go to bed!!

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